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New Technologies Used to Facilitate Agriculture In Africa

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Bee vectoring Technology
Livestock Farming Technologies

 Pevinoweb is a complete farm and livestock record keeping & management system. Designed to help you run a more efficient, productive and profitable agricultural business. With pevinoweb you’ll find all the features you need to get better organized, keep better records, manage your resources, track production, identify trends, gain valuable insights and increase efficiency and profits. 

Innovation and technology in agriculture offer farmers more sustainable ways to provide sufficient water to plants. For instance, N-Drip, a micro drip irrigation system, allows water to slowly drip to plants’ roots, creating the right environment for crops to thrive. The technology reduces water usage by up to 50% and improves crop quality.

Farm automation brings together agricultural machinery, computer systems, electronics, chemical sensors, and data management to improve equipment operation and decision-making, and ultimately, reduce human input and error.

BVT uses commercially reared bees to deliver targeted crop controls through pollination, replacing chemical pesticides with an environmentally safe crop protection system. The system doesn’t require spraying water or the use of tractors. Instead, the scientifically designed bumblebee hive allows bees to pick up a trace amount of pest control powders on their legs to spread as they travel within the field. This innovation in agriculture technology supports improved sustainable farming, crop yield, and soil quality. BVT’s solution is suitable for many crops, including blueberries, sunflowers, apples, and tomatoes, and it also works for farms of all sizes.

Emerging Livestock Technologies provide farmers with data driven insights, allowing them to streamline farm management, improve animal care , and boost productivity

Here are some of many innovations redefining Livestock Farming
1. Automated Dairy Installations
2. Automated cleaning systems
3. Armenta's non-antibiotic treatment
4. Automated feeders system
5.Faromatic employs robotics

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